I Follow: Stan Verrett

Editor’s note: I Follow is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Twitter handle: @stanverrett
Followers: 10,973
Following: 316 (as of 12/10/2012)

Stan Verrett is a 12-year ESPN veteran who helped launch the 1 a.m. ET SportsCenter from the company’s new Los Angeles Production Facility in March 2009. He is co-host of that SportsCenter with Neil Everett.

ESPN’s Stan Verrett. (Steven Barry/ESPN)

Verrett tells Front Row what he likes about being active on Twitter, his mission to convince Everett to join the “Twitterverse,” (#getneilontwitter) and his experience making a cameo in the new movie Playing for Keeps — part of which was filmed in the LAPC.

When did you join Twitter and why? How often do you tweet – during any games, at an event?
I originally joined Twitter because our former colleague Michelle Beadle was talking some good-natured trash about me and my inability to drive a stock car during a field trip to the Charlotte Motor Speedway as guests of NASCAR. I had to defend myself to the masses.

Most of my Twitter activity is about one of
three things: SportsCenter, the Saints or LSU football. I love interacting with the people who watch our show because their viewpoints are usually valuable in learning how people use the service we provide in the ever-changing environment in which it is delivered. Most of the people are very kind and gracious, though sometimes I need a thick skin to interact with those who don’t like me or the show.

What was one of the most memorable Twitter exchanges you’ve had?
I’ve had plenty of memorable exchanges in my short time on Twitter. I have made it my personal mission to convince my co-host, Neil Everett, to join Twitter. The movement is called #getneilontwitter, and it will not end until he has an account. His legions of fans reach out to me constantly with “if this happens, then he has to join” scenarios, but he hasn’t been convinced yet.

How was the experience of filming your cameo in the movie “@playingforkeeps?”
My cameo in the new movie Playing for Keeps was a big thrill. I’ve never been in a movie before, so learning about the process of making films was very interesting. I played myself in a scene with Gerard Butler, who plays a retired soccer player who gets an audition as an analyst at ESPN. Gerard is a phenomenal talent and great company during down time in the studio.

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