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Panelists Michael Smith, Jalen Rose, and Hugh Douglas take you inside Numbers Never Lie

ESPN2’s Numbers Never Lie got a new look in September, with commentators Jalen Rose and Hugh Douglas joining host Michael Smith in fulltime roles.

Another new addition to the show was the “Answer Chamber,” a pneumatic tube that delivers the final answers to the debate through a rotating carousel built in to the desk.

The chamber was built by UK-based Dick George Creatives, which also built the automation for the Oscar-winning movie Hugo.

With the commentators making compelling arguments on the day’s top sports topics, the Numbers Never Lie production team wanted a unique way to deliver the final number — a deciding moment in which the debate is settled by a number or statistic.

Front Row caught up with Rose, Douglas, Smith and the production team to find out more about the set and how the show is evolving.

Video produced by Dave Williams

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