ScreenGrabbed: Getting YOUR sign on ESPN’s air

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.50.43 AM

Before Tuesday’s well-executed court-storming after Robert Morris’s NIT upset win over Kentucky on ESPN, cameras caught the sign above during one of the returns from commercial break. Which got us thinking – is there a strategy that works best for ensuring YOUR sign will make it on air during a game. Producer Eric Mosley shares some insight:

“There really isn’t a standard formula or practice in regards to which signs we use on the air. Our director usually pans the crowd before the game and we see what signs are creative, funny and most importantly, appropriate to use when cutting around during the game. They will also identify any signs that are inappropriate and which ones we should avoid using if they are insulting or profane. Sometimes we will use [the shots] in edited packages if they seem to fit the mood or theme we are trying to portray.”

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