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The force is with the ESPNU UNITE crew for Star Wars characters’ “This is Madness” tourney

The Light Side vs. The Dark Side has long been debated since “Star Wars” first began and UNITE, ESPN’s late night entertainment show, has aligned with Lucas Films to attempt to find an answer via the time-honored tradition of “bracketing.”

“This is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament” launched Monday as’s official means of deciding the galaxy’s most popular Star Wars character. Fans can vote daily in The Light Side vs. The Dark Side bracket with previews of each matchup and the results airing exclusively on UNITE at midnight ET on ESPNU. The light and dark will finally meet on Thursday, April 9 when one character – and one side – will be crowned champion.

The Star Wars bracket continues to unfold nightly on ESPNU's UNITE.
The Star Wars bracket continues to unfold nightly on ESPNU’s UNITE.

Lucas Films became a part of the Disney family in October 2012, but like many, the UNITE crew had welcomed the iconic characters into their hearts years before (and into the UNITE green room a few days ago).

In the video above, Front Row caught up with Danny Kanell, Reese Waters, Marianela Pereyra and DJ Rob Swift to learn more about their connection to “Star Wars” and for their expert predictions on the winner in the galaxy’s ultimate March bracket. And yes, R2-D2 makes a cameo.

Video produced by Ariel Bond

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