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ESPN, NBA Entertainment combine to produce SportsCenter’s ‘All Access’ look at playoff contending teams

ESPN Coordinating Producer Bruce Bernstein works in close association with  NBA Entertainment. (Allen Kee/ESPN Images)
ESPN CP Bruce Bernstein works in close association with NBA Entertainment. (Allen Kee/ESPN Images)

What’s the most dynamic duo in the NBA? LeBron & DWade? Durant & Westbrook?

How about ESPN & NBA Entertainment?

“My season-long relationship with the NBA Entertainment group has led to an enormous amount of unique NBA elements getting on SportsCenter and our NBA studio shows,” says ESPN Coordinating Producer Bruce Bernstein. “Each week we have a call with NBA production staff and key ESPN NBA studio production members where we exchange ideas and devise ways to maximize the content NBA Entertainment generates.”

[box color=blue size=small align=right] NBA Entertainment Pieces that have run on ESPN

• Boston Celtics playing pre-season games in Turkey and Italy
• Clippers and Heat visiting the Great Wall and preparing for their games in Beijing
• Profile of Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra (ran during the Heat’s 27-game win streak)
• NBA All Stars discussing the “Power of the Mind” and how mental preparation drives their success
• Weekly “Sounds of the Game” re-capping great moments from the previous week
• Mario Chalmers profile
• “All Access at All-Star Weekend” [/box]

NBAE pieces have run on across various ESPN platforms, including “Courtside Sounds” elements re-packaged by content associate Talaya Wilkins of ESPN’s NBA studio staff.

“NBA Entertainment and ESPN share a passion for storytelling,” says NBA Entertainment Senior VP, Original Production, Dion Cocoros. “By providing behind-the-scenes access to our teams and players, we have been able to take our fans well beyond the box score and the highlight reel and help enhance shows like SportsCenter, NBA Countdown, NBA Tonight, and NBA Coast to Coast.”

The current collaboration entering the playoffs is SportsCenter’s “All Access:” series that began Sunday and Monday with the Nuggets and Clippers, and continues through Thursday with the Grizzlies, Nets and Heat. The week will end Friday with a piece featuring All-Stars talking about participating in the playoffs, and what it means to them.

“The pieces are behind-the-scenes visits with players and coaches, taking advantage of the unique access NBA Entertainment is able to get with the teams,” Bernstein says. “The series presents an opportunity for our fans to get to know the teams on a more intimate basis, and lead to increased interest in the playoffs.”

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