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ESPN’s Global Earth Month Events

At ESPN, sustainability is a 12-month proposition. The company has implemented many successful programs to limit its use of natural resources and to enhance its commitment to the environment. Whether it’s recycling paper, batteries, pens and sneakers or composting food and food containers, ESPN offers its employees many simple ways to be “green.”

Each April, Earth Month is a time to spotlight environmental responsibility and 2013 demonstrated ESPN’s biggest commitment yet.

At its main campus in Bristol, Conn., five tons of electronic waste — that might have otherwise been dumped in landfills — was collected over two days. Volunteers rebuilt outdoor stairs and cleared trails at Sessions Woods wildlife management area in nearby Burlington. The Green Team collaborated with the Employee Wellness Center to host workouts outside each day of Earth Week. Permanent sneaker recycling containers were placed near the locker rooms at both the Main Campus and North Campus locations.

At the ESPN Regional Television offices in Charlotte, N.C., an electronic waste collection drive yielded 400 pounds of materials from employees.

ESPN’s Los Angeles Production Center also held several events including the launch of compost collection in the building and a month-long transportation challenge, which encouraged employees to take public transportation or carpool to work.

At the Bangalore, India, office, plastic disposable coffee cups were swapped for ceramic ESPN branded espresso cups.

“While Earth Month has concluded, ESPN will continue to move forward with a variety of efforts to reduce energy use and waste in all of our offices around the world,” said Fabian DeGarbo, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability.

Video produced by Ariel Bond.

Fabian DeGarbo contributed to this post.

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