Yankees executive’s newsworthy quote to reporter about A-Rod’s status: How it happened
A screengrab of’s web site this morning

On a day filled with big sports news, one of the biggest developments of the past 24 hours is the public back and forth involving Yankees GM Brian Cashman and injured superstar Alex Rodriguez. Cashman was quoted Monday night on about A-Rod’s rehab schedule, saying among other things: “You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, [we will]. Alex should just shut the f— up. That’s it. I’m going to call Alex now.”

Andrew Marchand (ESPN)
Andrew Marchand (ESPN) Senior Writer Andrew Marchand broke the story while the Yankees were in action against the Rangers at Yankee Stadium. Marchand, who was following up on a tweet from Rodriguez suggesting he was ready to play games again, told Front Row this morning: “Rodriguez’s tweet seemed to directly contradict what Cashman had said the day before about the rehab schedule, specifically that he was not cleared by the Yankees team doctors.”

Marchand initially texted Cashman for reaction to the tweet and after some texts from the GM, Marchand suggested that he call Cashman.

“Eventually, we talked over the phone, which was obviously easier,” said Marchand.

As is typical for reporters and the newsmakers they regularly cover, conversations have elements that are both on and off the record, so Marchand clearly asked Cashman how he wanted to respond on-the-record.

Marchand said: “One thing was very clear. Cashman was not happy with Rodriguez’s tweet. When I asked for his on-the-record response, he replied with the quote that’s become the major thrust of this story, and then he hung up the phone.”

Earlier this morning, Rodriguez issued a statement in response noting in part that his tweet “was pure excitement.”

It’s never dull covering one of the biggest franchise in all of sports and this story seems far from over. Check for continued updates.

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