David Pollack returns home for double duty in Georgia, Part Two

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When ESPN Front Row last left David Pollack, he was heading to his home an hour from Atlanta after calling the Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech game with the Thursday night team. On Friday, he returned to his alma mater for the first time on air there with “College GameDay analyst” on his dossier. Saturday morning’s turnout for the show was one of the best in recent history, complete with painted faces, painted pooches, marching bands, creative signs, two celebrity guest pickers (pro golfer Bubba Watson and Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson) and tailgating galore. Pollack reflected on his time back on campus in Athens, where he left an indelible mark as a three-time All-American defensive end there.

What stood out to you upon your return to your school as a GameDay analyst on the set?
I was reminded of the passion and love Georgia fans have for their team. It’s a dedicated fan base that absolutely loves game day.

Did former teammates or classmates or coaches reach out to you or visit to see you in action?
I had a lot of friends and family come to the set to watch. And I spent a lot of time on the sidelines during the LSU/Georgia game with ex-teammates DJ Shockley, Dennis Roland, Reggie Brown, Danny Ware and Leonard Pope. It’s always great to see those guys and stand where we used to play.

During GameDay, you interviewed Georgia football great Herschel Walker. Great moment?
I’m friends with Herschel and was happy to be assigned that interview for sure. I asked him questions I’d want to know as a fan: if he could still play, what current players remind him of him, his thoughts on the new offenses in college football and what it meant to come home to Athens for the weekend.

How did fans treat you for your return?
The fans treated me like I had never left. I took a lot of pictures, signed a lot of things and also got to laugh at some signs the fans made about me. That doesn’t happen very often and I realize it’s special.

You mentioned your son would be attending his first college football game ever with LSU at Gerogia. Did he enjoy – and understand – what a tremendous game that was?
He had a blast and it wasn’t because of the great action on the field. He played football on the sidelines the ENTIRE GAME. He ran up and down and kept diving and scoring make-believe touchdowns. After the game, he went on the field and probably ran end zone to end zone 20 times. He might not know what he saw [in the game] but it was pretty sweet to watch him out there.

Lastly, how would you summarize your Wednesday to Saturday experience working at Georgia Tech and then Georgia?
Heavenly! It allowed me to gain a week back with my family that I would not have had. My kids were confused, asking me ‘Daddy, why are you home?’

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