Larry King and ESPN’s own Jeremy Schaap and Colin Cowherd to guest host Olbermann

Larry King (ESPN/John Atashian)
Larry King (ESPN/John Atashian)

Keith Olbermann will be taking a temporary leave from his show to host the MLB postseason show on TBS, so television icon Larry King, ESPN”s Jeremy Schaap and Colin Cowherd will serve as guest hosts of ESPN’s late night show, Olbermann.

King will host from October 1-3, Schaap will host from October 8-10, followed by Cowherd who will host from October 15-17. Olbermann airs live at 11 p.m. (time subject to shift depending on live events) from the show’s Times Square studios in New York City.

Olbermann returns from baseball duties on October 21.

Jeremy Schaap and Colin Cowherd will guest-host Olbermann. (ESPN)
Jeremy Schaap and Colin Cowherd will guest host Olbermann. (ESPN)

Front Row asked King why he wanted to host the program:

“Sports have always been a huge part of my life,” King said. “I used to have a sports talk radio show down in Florida and did color commentary for the Dolphins. I’ve taught my children about sports – they’re really part of my fabric. Getting the chance to host for Keith, whom I greatly admire, is really a terrific joy for me and I’m looking forward to being back in my hometown for a while.”

VP of Programming and Production Jamie Horowitz touched on why Schaap and Cowherd were chosen:

“Olbermann is designed around Keith because what he really brings is a sharp, unique perspective and point of view,” Horowitz said. “We wanted guest hosts that would connect to viewers and be able to discuss the day’s sports topics in a fresh and engaging way and we’re confident both Jeremy and Colin will bring that to the program.”

  • Richard Key

    Baseball is the one sport that does not need on field officials as it is not bound by a clock and has a stopping point after every play. There are only three calls, ball-strike called by the computer, out-safe and foul-fair would initially be called on the field by the defensive team and like college football every play reviewed in the booth. The only negative the potential safe, fair plays would have to be ran out as the review would be pending. Larry’s rant was right on.