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Satellite Dish Farm (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)
ESPN’s satellite dish farm
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Editor’s note: I Follow is all about ESPN employees on Twitter: what they tweet, whom they follow and how you can interact socially with anyone and everyone.

Twitter handle: @espntechnology
Followers: 452
Following: 111
(as of 10/10/13)

ESPN Technology has driven innovation in the television industry. Since 1998, the technology team has debuted 23 technological enhancements, launched four high definition sports networks and developed the industry’s first 3D network and first authenticated online networks. The technology team has also acquired four companies to further advance innovation, has won six Emmys and opened two development labs to continue researching cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. It also has been awarded 19 patents and Inventor Awards.

ESPN Technology also has a social media presence. Following @espntechnology on Twitter is a great way to learn about employment opportunities and innovations. Colleen Lynch, associate director, Technology Communications, has more details.

How do you interact with fans via Twitter?
We use Twitter to share highlights of what is happening within our division. Many people don’t realize the amount of technology we use to serve fans anytime, anywhere. We have a great group of approximately 900 technologists on staff in multiple areas including web development, engineering, virtual applications, transmission and more. Technology helps drive the business at ESPN.

We also like to have some fun on the site and will share links that we find interesting, amusing or silly. While we might be geeky, we are geeks with a good sense of humor!

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?
We follow some of the best in the technology space, such as Wired, TechCrunch and FastCompany. We also enjoy following the astronauts on the International Space Station, our colleagues at Marvel and the team at BuzzFeed.

How do you use Twitter as a division at ESPN?
We know that our core audience is our employees so we look to tweet out news and highlights that will help them do their jobs or interact with their colleagues. We use a variety of methods to provide news they can use and Twitter is one of the ways do that. It also is a great news source for us to see what is happening within the television, digital and mobile industry as well as within the technology development space.

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