Sugar Ray Leonard says reunion with Roberto Duran for new 30 for 30 film No Mas was ‘awkward’

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ESPN analysts on No Más

Teddy Atlas, ESPN boxing analyst and former boxing trainer:
What would you have done – as a trainer in the corner – if your fighter had said “no mas”?
I would have said, you better think about what this is going to mean tomorrow. This thing you have to deal with for a few more minutes is going to be gone just like a puddle in the summer, it’s going to be gone in the air. What’s not going to be gone is what you did here. If you quit, that’s going to be with you forever. You better think about it before you put yourself in a position that you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

Nigel Collins, ESPN boxing analyst, former editor-in-chief of The Ring magazine:
What do you think that fight did to Duran’s legacy?
Most of Duran’s die-hard fans forgave him, but history will not. It’s the sort of stain than can never be washed away. Even so, I had no qualms about voting for him the year he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. One moment of weakness can’t erase all his accomplishments.[/box]

ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series continues tonight with No Más (ESPN, 8 ET), Eric Drath’s documentary that chronicles the rivalry of boxing legends Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran while looking for answers to Duran’s stunning decision to quit in the middle of a championship fight.

Leonard spoke to Front Row about No Más and shares his thoughts on singer/actor Usher playing him in an upcoming big-screen biopic of Duran.

In No Más you are finally able to confront Duran and ask him questions that have been bothering you for years. Do you feel like you got the answers you were looking for?
I received the response from Roberto and I think after years of thinking and wondering what happened, I accept it. I didn’t want to push him any further. I think that I just totally accepted what he said.

What did you enjoy most about participating in the making of the documentary?
The best part of my journey was, naturally, meeting with Duran but it was also my visit to Panama and the fans there!

There was a film screening last week in New York City where both you and Duran were guests. What was it like to reunite with him?
It was awkward. . . but it was refreshing to revisit that part of history in my boxing career.

What are your thoughts on the new movie Hands of Stone being filmed about Duran, with singer Usher portraying you in the movie?
Usher is the perfect person to play the part. I am just honored, humbled and excited to see how it comes out.

Stephen McDonald contributed to this post

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