THE LINEUP: 12 ESPN pets and their owners that will make you go, “Awwwwww!”

Editor’s note: One of the few things ESPN employees love more than sports is their pets. Here, in the second half of a special two-part Lineup, are some of those pets. Check out Part One HERE.

1. Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio host

Pet: Bugsy (French Bulldog)

Furry Fact: Colin is the biggest sports fan in his house and Bugsy is the second. He watches all the games alongside Colin.


2. Sara Walsh, SportsCenter anchor

Pet: George (age 6, English Bulldog)

Furry Fact: We’ve both torn our ACLs. He’s done it twice, I’ve done it once. The ACL tear effectively ended his skateboarding career, although his highlights live on in terribly shot – by me – YouTube clips. He also has the distinction of having been on SportsCenter. We were doing a lead-in about the Butler Bulldog not being allowed at the NCAA Tournament and they had my co-anchor come take him from me and say he wasn’t allowed in the SC studios. [George] was scared of the cameras, anyway. My family was far more excited to see him on TV.

George Bush, Sara

3. Alexi Lalas, Soccer analyst

Pet: Bob (age 9, Yorkshire Terrier)

Furry Fact: “He believes that much of my work on ESPN is ‘contrived and trite.’ While this may be true, those are pretty strong words for someone who can’t reach the dog food,” says Lalas.


4. Seth Greenberg, College Basketball analyst

Pet: Jake (age 2, Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix)

Furry Fact: Jake is a rescue dog that was found wandering the forest when Greenberg lived in Virginia. According to Greenberg, “Jake The Wonder Dog is the man. He is my associate head coach. He starts the day fired up for a run. He takes no days off! He never asks for a raise, just a few biscuits.”


5. Mike Golic, Co-host Mike & Mike

Pets: Tahoe (age 8, Labrador Retriever), Hank (age 2, pug)

Furry Fact: According to Golic, “We walk together on a daily basis. Our dogs have helped make our empty nest seem a little less empty!”


6. Rick Sutcliffe, MLB analyst, with wife, Robin, and grandson, Ryder Benson

Pet: Daisy (age 10, Jack Russell Terrier)

Furry Fact: “It’s a little bit embarrassing that when I go to walk the dog, there’s a lot of guys that start laughing. Biggest guy in the neighborhood walking the smallest dog,” says Sutcliffe.

Sut dog

7. Dottie Pepper, Golf commentator

Pet: Jackpot, a.k.a. JP (age 14, Shih Tzu/Bichon mix)

Furry Fact: “I probably missed the boat by not having her trained to be a therapy dog as a youngster. She loves everyone and plays bigger than her weight,” says Pepper.


8. Sarah Spain, espnW writer, ESPN1000 anchor/host, reporter

Pet: Fletcher, a.k.a. Fletch (age 2, Rescue mutt)

Furry Fact: Fletch was named, in part, after the iconic 1985 Chevy Chase movie “Fletch.” He wears a Lakers jersey and an Afro wig for every Halloween, in homage to Chase’s character who, according to Chick Hearn, was “6’5″, with the afro 6’9″.”

photo copy

9. Taylor Twellman, Soccer analyst

Pets: (l-r) Mona (age 5, Boston Terrier) and Lola (age 8, Westy/Pug/Jack Russell mix)

Furry Fact: According to Twellman, “Lola is the stunt double for the “There’s Something About Mary” dog. Mona is the exact opposite of her owner … a head proportionate to her body.”


10. Jeannine Edwards, College Football, NCAA Basketball and Horse Racing reporter, with husband Glenn Spencer

Pet: Susie (age 7, Rescue mutt)

Furry Fact: “I adopted her from the local ASPCA in Maryland six years ago when my older dog was heartbroken after losing her ‘sister.’ Susie had been found wandering a construction site and a Good Samaritan picked her up off the street,” says Edwards.


11. Kelly Naqi, Florida-based bureau reporter

Pet: Papi

Furry Fact: Says Naqi: “[Papi is the] last of the litter from an abandoned, pregnant cat. I hated cats, but my husband (who was in Northwestern grad school at the time) wanted one . . . I got her as a surprise for his 30th birthday, figuring it was a ‘big birthday’ and cats are supposed to be aloof anyway. What cemented the decision was when I went to check her out at seven weeks old: While I was holding her in my arms, David Ortiz won Game 5 of the ALCS. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I figured that was a good omen. Needless to say, we named her ‘Papi.’ And the ‘aloof’ thing is a total farce! Thank God. I love her to pieces and she now loves me more than my husband (oops!).”


12. Cari Champion, First Take host

Pet: Coco (age 9, Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix)

Furry Fact: “She loves to kiss feet. Yuck, yes that’s her thing. She’s extremely loving to anyone who has a ‘treat’– no loyalty,” says Champion.

photo[5] copy

Kristen Hudak, Amanda DeCastro, Mac Nwulu, Mike Humes, Andy Hall, Jen Cingari, Jay Jay Nesheim and Dan Quinn contributed to this piece.

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