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What’s ailing your favorite player? ESPN’s Injury Analysis Engine helps Stephania Bell provide “skelestration”

The Injury Analysis Engine is a cutting edge touchscreen that Stephania Bell, Fantasy injury analyst and senior writer for, uses to add an extra dimension to her video reports. In essence, it’s a “skelestrator.”

Bell employs the touchscreen during many of her appearances on Fantasy Football Now, SportsCenter and NFL Live to give fans a medical professional’s perspective on NFL stars’ injuries. The Injury Analysis Engine provides her 3D skeleton images that are telestration friendly as well as a stockpile of files containing players’ biographical information and highlights.

This innovation lends greater context to understanding the injuries sustained by the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Rodgers, for example.

“I was looking at all the fabulous touchscreen technology we have all over our air,” Bell said, “and I thought, ‘How can we merge this with injuries to tell a better story visually?'”

Bell collaborated with her producers Jill Gorsh and Scott Clark as well as ESPN Creative Services’ developer Brad Griswold on her idea, and the Injury Analysis Engine was born.

Learn more about the touchscreen and its capabilities in the video above. Watch Bell and the Injury Analysis Engine on Fantasy Football Now (Sunday, 11 a.m. ET, ESPN2 and

Video produced by Kyle Sorice and Leanne Cozart

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