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ESPN’s Jodi Markley and Tricia Betron honored at “Wonder Woman” luncheon

Jodi Markley, Lisa Salters and Tricia Betron (Katina Arnold/ESPN)
Jodi Markley, Lisa Salters and Patricia Betron (Katina Arnold/ESPN)

During her 25-year tenure at ESPN, Senior Vice President, Operations Jodi Markley has played an integral role in several major initiatives for the company – from the launch of numerous ESPN International networks to her instrumental role in the operational overview of ESPN’s state-of-the-art Digital Center 2, slated to open in May 2014.

Jodi Markley (Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)
Jodi Markley (Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)

As a result of her dedication, passion and contributions to the industry, Markley was recognized yesterday in New York City as a 2014 Multichannel News Wonder Woman. The prestigious award recognizes and celebrates “dynamic decision-making women and their extraordinary accomplishments.” The event was co-hosted by Monday Night Football reporter, Lisa Salters.

Also honored at the event as a Woman to Watch was Senior Vice President Multimedia Sales Patricia Betron. Betron was chosen for her role in leading multimedia sales across the country managing teams in New York, Chicago and Detroit, as well as her leadership in creating innovative deals that incorporate advertisers through ESPN’s multiscreen environment. Betron also plays a key role with the sales communications and research teams, providing strategic direction to develop ESPN’s external positioning in the marketplace.

“Tricia is a seasoned sales leader whose knowledge and understanding of the evolving landscape keeps ESPN at the forefront of the marketplace,” said ESPN President of Global Customer Marketing and Sales Ed Erhardt. “She is a key advisor to me, a mentor to many and a champion for diversity – for these and many other reasons, she is incredibly deserving of this recognition.”

Below, ESPN executives share congratulations with Jodi on the occasion of her tremendous honor.

<strong>John Skipper, President, ESPN, Inc.; Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks</strong>
“I am thrilled the industry recognizes what we at ESPN have known for years – all that Jodi has accomplished in her career is truly a wonder. We are proud and grateful to call her our own and congratulate her on this tremendous honor.”
<strong>Chuck Pagano, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer</strong>
“I have had the privilege to have worked with Jodi during her entire ride at ESPN. What convinced me about her ‘Wonder Woman’ standing was during a trip to South America many years ago. She brought into country with her some electronic circuit boards (camouflaged of course) for a time base corrector that was vitally needed that very day as we landed. After that episode, Lynda Carter was no longer Wonder Woman to me!! Congratulations Jodi!!!”
<strong>Steve Anderson, Executive Vice President, Content Operations & Creative Services</strong>
“Jodi continues to be one of ESPN’s strongest leaders. The scope and volume of her responsibilities are enormous. She understands that the way to lead her teams is to focus on and challenge her people to be the best they can be and she does it in a way that we can all learn from. It is no surprise to me that she has received this great recognition.”
<strong>Chris Calcinari, Vice President, Remote Production Operations</strong>
“I think that the most important attribute Jodi carries with her each day is that while she is constantly motivating her team to focus on the various projects and deadlines that we always have in front of us, she is simultaneously aware that people have personal lives. She truly cares about how people are balancing workload and caring for their families and themselves. In our business, the personal lives of the people traveling around the world making it all happen often get lost, but not when you work under Jodi’s watch.”
<strong>Kevin Martinez, Vice President, Corporate Outreach</strong>
“In my opinion Jodi is successful as a leader because she sees leadership as an act of service. It’s not the act of decision making or consolidation of power; it’s the investment in others by the transfer of your knowledge. She is a servant leader. When your mission is to serve the sports fan, ‘service’ is not a word we at ESPN use without great thought and purpose. Servant leadership is the exemplary treatment of employees which leads to strong cultures of empowerment and loyalty. Jodi is the quintessential servant leader.”
<strong>Dave Weiler, Vice President, Production Operations & Studio Directing</strong>
“Jodi and I came to Operations together and right from the beginning she really impressed me with her focus on our staff and her commitment to create an environment where everyone feels engaged and challenged with a clear opportunity for career growth.”
<strong>Meg Green, Senior Director, Talent Negotiation & Recruitment</strong>
“Jodi exemplifies teamwork and collaboration. She also prides herself on being honest and transparent – and she is both. It’s her transparency and willingness to communicate that separates her from other leaders in the business. She knows by sharing her knowledge and experiences, the team benefits. By communicating in advance of something, the individual benefits. The end result is the company benefits.”
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