The Monday Lineup: Michelle Beadle returns PLUS: 7 things you might have missed from ESPN’s weekend

BEADLE (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)
Michelle Beadle’s (temporary) farewell from SportsNation.  (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)


Michelle Beadle will return to ESPN today to host SportsNation (ESPN2, daily, 3 p.m. ET), bringing her well-known wit to the clever and off-beat show alongside commentators Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley.

Front Row sat down with Beadle before the big day to catch up with her and get the scoop on her big return.

“I missed. . . having a blast at work and talking about sports on a daily basis. . . Time to have fun again!” – Michelle Beadle

We want to welcome you back to ESPN. Word is you are coming because you missed the Disney Main Entrance Pass that employees get – is that true?
That Internet! Can’t keep any secrets anymore. It’s true. Many may believe I wanted to return to ESPN for the whole “Worldwide Leader” thing. But in reality, those Disney passes are more valuable than oxygen to my friends with kids. And that makes me the Queen.

Is there anything specific you missed about SportsNation?
The biggest thing I missed about SportsNation was having a blast at work and talking about sports on a daily basis in a way that makes getting up in the morning delightful. Time to have fun again!

Speaking of which, we had fun and shot you from a cannon when you “left”; is there a plan for you to return with a bang?
Being shot from a cannon is still the best goodbye I’ve ever endured. I can only say that my return is equal parts ridiculous, silly and absurd!

By Jen Cingari

Now, a bit of what you may have missed over the weekend:

1. Oscars fever was everywhere on ABC and ESPN’s family of networks yesterday.

NBA Countdown rolled out the red carpet on Sunday (Photo/Amina Hussein)
NBA Countdown rolled out the red carpet on Sunday (Amina Hussein/ESPN)

The 2014 Oscar winner for Best Actor voiced this Longhorn Network promo three years ago.







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