ICYMI: The week on Front Row PLUS: Actor Marlon Wayans visits First Take, NNL

Michael Smith (l) and Jemele Hill on the Numbers Never Lie set with actor/comedian Marlon Wayans (Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)
Michael Smith (l) and Jemele Hill on the Numbers Never Lie set with actor/comedian Marlon Wayans
(Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

On the same morning as legendary heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila Ali was a guest on First Take, actor/comedian and pseudo-pugilist Marlon Wayans displayed his own sports acumen on the show. Wayans is a walking boxing encyclopedia. Front Row caught up with Wayans after his appearances on First Take and Numbers Never Lie.

You talked about boxing on First Take. Are you a big fan?
[I’ve] always been a big fan [of boxing], but I’m a big fan of sports, period. I pretty much like everything, because I like the physical commitment, the strategy it takes to win any and every game. I love the competitive nature and I can apply all that to business and I can apply all that to life. Did I just say that?

What is your favorite boxing match?
Tommy Hearns/[Marvin] Hagler, it was the greatest three rounds of boxing I’ve ever seen in my life. They were both going at it. It was a war. They were knocking each other down; it was the greatest war I’ve ever seen. I wish it lasted 12 rounds, but if it did someone would have been dying. They would have both died that day. Hagler killed Hearns’ Jheri curl. I saw the Jheri curl crawl off the mat. They took the Jheri curl off the mat on a stretcher.

This is your second time on First Take. How was this experience different from the first time?
I was overdressed for the occasion. I had on a big hat and it was hot [on the set], I didn’t know. I was comfortable. Skip [Bayless] is really nice, his persona versus who he is. Stephen A. [Smith] comes off like your boy on the block that they put in a suit. He knows a lot about sports, like that barber who lines you up and talks about sports. But Skip is like that teacher in school who wants you to do better, so he challenges you.

Fans can see @MarlonWayans in “A Haunted House 2,” in theaters April 18.

By Kimberly Jarvis


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