Self-proclaimed “TV freak” Tony Kanaan hopes to provide Indy 500 fans a rerun of 2013 finish

Tony Kanaan is a champion IndyCar driver, a triathlete, a linguist fluent in four languages and a passionate sports fan.

Kanaan also is a self-proclaimed “TV freak.” When he has an opportunity to relax in his Miami home, chances are he’s watching television.

“I have four TVs in the same room, a big one and three [smaller ones],” Kanaan said in the video above during a recent visit to ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus. “One of them is always on ESPN and SportsCenter.”


Even though Kanaan is in Indianapolis this week preparing to defend his Indy 500 title, no doubt his DVRs are at the ready. ABC will air the race for the 50th consecutive year on Sunday, May 25 (coverage begins at 11 a.m. ET).

ESPN commentator Allen Bestwick will become the 10th person to call the race on ABC when he makes his debut. Bestwick discussed the prospect of being the voice of the Indy 500 in a Front & Center podcast in February.

Video produced by Josh Lander

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