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Inside ESPN Brasil’s marketing campaign for 2014 FIFA World Cup

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup now underway, Front Row caught up with the marketing team for ESPN International and ESPN Brasil to get a glimpse of the work they’ve done with the video promo for this much-anticipated global event. Here are five facts about the video (see below); behind-the-scenes photos are above.

1. It was filmed at Arena Barueri.
Arena Barueri is a soccer stadium located in Barueri, São Paulo. The commentators resemble a soccer team arriving at the stadium to greet their fans. “The atmosphere during the shoot was very happy and calm,” said Andre Quadra, senior director for ESPN International Marketing.

2. It features renowned talent from ESPN Brasil.
Some of the ESPN Brasil soccer commentators featured in the spot are: João Palomino, José Trajano, Paulo Soares, Antero Greco, Zé Elias, Juan Pablo Sorin and Paulo Vinicius Coelho. The team started filming in the early morning hours and, according to Quadra, the spirits were always high. The talent was very supportive and excited to be part of the campaign.

3. The campaign aims to highlight the commentator team covering the World Cup in Brazil.
ESPN Brasil is one of five networks airing World Cup matches locally and “the ESPN team” of reporters, commentators and analysts is the element that separates ESPN from its competitors in the host country.

4. The spot is the second part of the ESPN Brasil marketing campaign.
The first part of the campaign consisted of a spot in which Joao Palomino, director of Content & Production at ESPN Brasil, reads the list of talent on the ESPN Brazil “roster.” The spot ran on the same date the Brazilian National team released its roster for the World Cup. You can see the clip here.

5. It was inspired by the passion of the fans that greet their team at their local stadium.
“The idea behind the spot was the exact moment when the buses arrive at the stadium and the players come down to the roaring fans that are excited to see their favorite team. We wanted to reenact that moment making the ESPN team – the narrators, reporters and commentators – come down from the bus en route to their ‘big match’: The World Cup,” said Ariane Landim, senior Marketing Manager for ESPN Brasil.

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