Faces of ESPN’s Digital Center 2: Part 5

SportsCenter - June 2, 2014

This coming Sunday, SportsCenter’s 11 p.m. ET edition will be the first to originate from ESPN’s brand new, 194,000-square-foot Digital Center 2. The building will be home to SportsCenter, all NFL studio shows and other, yet to be determined, programming.

This week, Front Row will introduce fans to a small sampling of the men and women who were behind the mammoth undertaking as they share what the new building will mean for them and for you.

Matt Shepherd
Matt Shepherd

Matt Shepherd

Title: Director of News and Information Marketing
Years with ESPN: 11

What has been your role in the run-up to SportsCenter’s debut from DC-2?
My team handles all sponsor integrations within SportsCenter and on the new SportsCenter set.

So, what does that mean in layman’s terms?
I have worked closely with Studio Production, Studio Directing and Creative Services to figure out how best to take advantage of the set’s new capabilities for our sponsors. With all the new video displays and the virtual technologies there are endless opportunities for us to connect our partners to the SportsCenter brand.

Our sponsors are eager to be a part of SportsCenter’s new home and to take advantage of the new technologies. Every integration is a “first” and it’s always exciting to break new ground.

What is your favorite feature of the new SportsCenter studio?
The sheer number and size of the video displays is amazing – we are only starting to scratch the surface when it comes to displaying content in creative ways. I especially like when we show scenic shots in the North Wall (a 56-monitor, multidimensional display wall powered by ESPN-built software) – it’s like a window into another world.

By Dan Quinn

Aaron Coleman
Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman

Title: Senior Coordinating Director
Years at ESPN: 18

What has it been like working on this project?
I have been working with many others to create the most technologically advanced facility there is. We’re working with people from Facilities, Systems Engineering and others to make an environment that is dedicated to “serve sports fans, anytime and anywhere.”

What is your favorite feature of DC2/SC studio and why?
I have two: One would be our fiber connectivity. We are 1080p ready and 4K and 8K capable. With that we are ready for whatever the next 10-plus years may bring. Our sky deck is another great feature and is unique for television. With SportsCenter being live for about 18 hours a day we have the ability to go up to the sky deck and change lights without affecting the production below.

What is your favorite “This is SportsCenter” ad?
“Meet the Mets” – there are five different versions of this. Each one has different captions and the looks on their faces in relation to the specific captions are very funny.

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