Faces of ESPN’s Digital Center 2: Part 2

SportsCenter - June 2, 2014

This coming Sunday, SportsCenter’s 11 p.m. ET edition will be the first to originate from ESPN’s brand new, 194,000-square-foot Digital Center 2. The building will be home to SportsCenter, all NFL studio shows and other, yet to be determined, programming.

Over the next week, Front Row will introduce fans to a small sampling of the men and women who were behind the mammmoth undertaking as they share what the new building will mean for them and for you.

Nick Loucks

Nick Loucks

Job Title: Production Research Manager in ESPN Stats & Info
Years at ESPN: 11

How will your job change because of the new studio/building?
A researcher’s job is going to involve more communication with directors and graphics designers than it has previously. No longer will a really good stat idea be enough to stand out in the show – we’ll be thinking about the way the stat can be displayed so that we’ll impress our viewers and make for memorable segments.

What do you see as the biggest impact on viewers?
Basically, more stuff that will make them go “wow”. . . and hopefully they’re able to take away one key fact, note or talking point much more clearly. I also think our SportsCenter anchors will have the chance to be much bigger personalities with our fans.

What is your favorite TISC ad?
My favorite SportsCenter commercial is when [current senior coordinating producer] Glenn Jacobs was a PA for Craig Kilborn. But I also really like “The Perfect Game” one. It’s funny because it’s so true! Having a perfect show is tough!

Carol Boyle
Carol Boyle

Carol Boyle

Job Title: Senior Creative Director in Creative Services
Years at ESPN: 20

What has been your involvement with the launch of DC-2 and SportsCenter?
My role over the last year and a half has been to make sure the Creative Services SC14 team is tackling every aspect of this project. I’m the person who connects the dots with technology, production and digital for both domestic and international. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have amazing people work on this project with me. With that said, I’ve been the point person to ensure our animations, info graphics and set are being designed and executed as one cohesive presentation.

What is your favorite feature of DC-2/SC studio and why?
The North Wall (pictured above). A lot of potential is there to create compelling content and imagery for each individual screen or blanket the full wall. As we all become more familiar with its potential, the ideas and creation are endless.

What is your favorite TISC ad?
I’m a big fan of the John Clayton one!

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