World Cup

Audio Postcard from Brazil 2: John Skipper; inFROWgraphic: ESPN’s World Cup coverage

SAO PAOLO – The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins today in São Paolo, as host nation Brazil meets Croatia (3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN). This city is also the home of ESPN Brasil. In our second audio postcard from Brazil, ESPN President John Skipper discusses his visit to South America’s largest city, the importance of Team USA, the magic of ESPN lead soccer commentator Ian Darke and an amazing week for the company.

InFROWgraphic: ESPN’s FIFA World Cup coverage
ESPN will provide extensive coverage of the 64 matches in Brazil over the next 31 days, not only in the United States but around the world. ESPN Brasil, in the host nation, will also carry the matches and countless hours of coverage, and ESPN’s Spanish-speaking networks throughout Latin America will surround the tournament with expert analysis and all the latest news. Below is an infographic that highlights the massive scope of ESPN’s coverage and provides a snapshot of the truly global collection of analysts the company has assembled for this singular event. For schedules, bios, updates and more, visit ESPN’s 2014 World Cup Media Kit. – Bill Hofheimer


InFROWgraphic by Chris Gray

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