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We believe that you will win. . . using WatchESPN for the World Cup

If you’re a U.S. futbol (aka soccer) fan, you might feel a little queasy this week. Maybe you’re unusually warm or your face is flush. Perhaps you’re a little lightheaded. You’re thinking it’s just going to get worse and you better tell your boss: You’ve got 2014 FIFA World Cup fever.

However, that’s no excuse to miss work tomorrow in order to catch the U.S.-Germany match (11:30 a.m. ET, ESPN). We’ve got you covered.

There’s no television anywhere in your office? No problem. All you need is the WatchESPN app and you can watch U.S.-Germany – or any other World Cup match – on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Lots of sports fans are doing it. More than 1.4 million people watched last Thursday’s U.S.-Ghana match on WatchESPN, the most ever for any event on that platform.

WatchESPN also provides access to pre-game coverage only available on ESPN3 starting at 10 a.m. ET, including live footage of the U.S. team departing from its hotel to stadium arrival to warmup.

During the match, ESPN3 Surround will provide additional viewing options, including alternate camera angles of the match (with a tactical camera that will show a stadium-end wide shot of the pitch), a real-time highlight reel and commentary in Portuguese.

Now, maybe you’ve got a meeting you have to attend, and your boss won’t take kindly to an iPhone propped up on the conference room table. Not an issue. We’ve got an app for that. Just put an earbud in one ear, wrap the cord around the back of your neck and listen to the game using the ESPN Radio app.

You want scores, stats, news, feature stories and up-to-the-minute video highlights? The new and ESPNFC app has all that and more.

So, you might have World Cup fever, but that’s no excuse. Go to work and you won’t miss a single second of the game.

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