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Off Camera with. . . Antonietta “Toni” Collins

Antonietta "Toni" Collins (Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)
Antonietta “Toni” Collins (Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)

Editor’s note: Welcome to “Off Camera with. . .,” a Front Row series that introduces you to some of the studio anchors and hosts at ESPN. Today, we meet Toni Collins, who joined ESPN in September 2013 as part of the Digital Media team.

Claudia and Toni
Claudia Trejos and Toni Collins

Favorite mentor: [ESPN Deportes reporter] Claudia Trejos. Claudia and I worked together at my previous employer Univision, in Miami. And now we are reunited here at ESPN. Claudia works with ESPN Deportes and to my delight she is here every week to host shows out of Bristol. Through this journey, Claudia has been more than a mentor; she’s become my inspiration and family.
Something we don’t know about you: Thanks to my dual citizenship, when I was 17 I had the privilege to be a part of the U-19 Mexican Women’s National Soccer Team. It was short lived — just for two summers — but it truly was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I was able to learn from head coach Leonardo Cuellar and for me that was priceless. It was also an awesome feeling to be able to represent my family’s culture/roots.

Nacho and Nolan
Nacho and Nolan

Do you have pets?: Here in Connecticut, I have two rescue dogs/troublemakers Nolan, named after “The Ryan Express,” and Nacho. In Miami, we have two other dogs named Granola and Guera (Spanish for Blondie).
Favorite Quote: “Think as hard as you can, love as hard as you can, pray as hard as you can, and if that doesn’t work, laugh as hard as you can” – Robert Bly
Favorite Hobby: I enjoy running! I may look like I’m waddling 90 percent of the time but I’ve become obsessed with it. Now that the weather is beautiful, I really enjoy running outside. For me, it’s a great stress reliever and I get to explore different trails and cities where I live.

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