The Lineup: 14 ways ESPNers enjoy summer

1. Trey Wingo – NFL Live and NFL Primetime host

“Took this same picture 10 years ago. Either I shrunk or he got MUCH bigger.”

(Photos courtesy of Trey Wingo)
(Photos courtesy of Trey Wingo via Twitter)

2. Michelle Beadle – SportsNation host

“Did you know there’s a beach for dogs? I mean puppies everywhere!! Happiest place on earth.”

(Photo courtesy of Michelle Beadle)
(Photo courtesy of Michelle Beadle via Twitter)

3. Sean Farnham – College Basketball analyst

“Visited my parents and enjoyed the Wharf in San Francisco!”

(Photo courtesy of Sean Farnham)
(Photo courtesy of Sean Farnham)

4. Jay Harris – SportsCenter anchor

“Fun on a summer day.”

(Photo courtesy of Jay Crawford)
(Photo courtesy of Jay Crawford via Twitter)

5. Colin Cowherd – ESPN Radio host

“Spending time with these guys. Back Monday. #sdzooday” (Via Twitter July 18)

(Photos courtesy of Colin Cowherd)
(Photos courtesy of Colin Cowherd via Twitter)

6. Jemele Hill – Numbers Never Lie co-host

“Won’t be back on @numbersneverlie until next week. Figured out a way to occupy my time. . . ” (Via Instagram June 13)

(Photos courtesy of Jemele Hill)
(Photos courtesy of Jemele Hill via Instagram)

7. Claudia Trejos – reporter, ESPN Deportes

“This is what summer is all about: sun, fun, roadtrips and family.”

(Photo courtesy of Claudia Trejos)
(Photo courtesy of Claudia Trejos)

8. Mike Greenberg – Mike & Mike co-host

Mike Greenberg during a trip to Big Sur with his family.

(Photo courtesy of Stacy Greenberg)
(Photo courtesy of Stacy Greenberg via Twitter)

9. Raul Allegre – NFL analyst, ESPN Deportes

“Te mandó otra foto. En esta tomándome un café afuera Del Teatro Degollado antes del ballet folklórico. Fue un viaje de 8 días con la familia por Guanajuato y Jalisco.”

“Greetings from Guadalajara. I am drinking some coffee outside The Degollado Theater before the folkloric ballet. This summer, I spent eight days with my family at Guanajuato and Jalisco.”

(Photo courtesy of Raul Allegre)
(Photo courtesy of Raul Allegre)

10. Jesse Palmer – college football analyst

“Such a great weekend with family, the most important thing in the world. I am such a lucky brother and uncle. Now if only I was 3 inches taller…”

(Photo courtesy of Jesse Palmer)
(Photo courtesy of Jesse Palmer via Instagram)

11. Candy Maldonado – baseball analyst, ESPN Deportes and ESPN International

“De crucero en Cozumel, México, Jamaica, Haiti y Key West compartiendo con la familia y su nieto.”

“This summer I went on a cruise with my family and grandchild to Cozumel, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti and Key West.”

(Photo courtesy of Candy Maldonado)
(Photo courtesy of Candy Maldonado)

12. Mike Golic – Mike & Mike co-host

Mike Golic enjoyed white water rafting with his family.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Golic)
(Photo courtesy of Mike Golic via Twitter)

13. Vince Welch – ESPN motorsports pit reporter

“With so much of my summer filled with work-travel, the off-days are ‘family time.’ I have a son and two daughters (photo with my youngest) and my wife and I love watching them enjoy their passions: soccer, running, racing. It’s a rare day we’re all at home, so we value those!”

(Photo courtesy of Vince Welch)
(Photo courtesy of Vince Welch)

14. Carolyn Peck – basketball analyst

“After returning home Sunday night from a WNBA game in Chicago, I saw the preview for the College World Series and realized my [Vanderbilt] Commodores were playing. I mentioned to my husband I would like to go and see it in person one day. We watched the game Monday night and Vandy won. My husband then said, ‘if Virginia wins game 2, we should go to Omaha.’ They did, and then, I asked my husband if he still wanted to go. He asked me, ‘If we had the chance to go see Vandy win a National Championship and didn’t, how would I feel?’ At 1:00 a.m. we booked flights, hotel and rental car and off we went. I am proud to say we witnessed the Vanderbilt baseball team win its first men’s national championship. Anchor Down!”

(Photo courtesy of Carolyn Peck)
(Photo courtesy of Carolyn Peck)
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