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ESPN Fantasy Football makes dreams come true

It’s that time of year… when fans shift into beast mode for their fantasy teams, displaying nearly the passion for their virtual teams as the on-the-field teams they love. During the past month (and right up until Thursday night), millions are feverishly drafting (and mock drafting) teams with ESPN Fantasy Football.

To further feed the passion, in its 19th season of fantasy football ESPN has an unprecedented lineup – from the industry’s top fantasy game to television and radio programming and even the inaugural Fantasy Football Convention. At the center of it all is a new ESPN Fantasy Football app, which has received excellent ratings (4.5 stars) on both Apple and Android, and a 63 percent increase in active daily users from last year.

With overall sign-ups for ESPN Fantasy Football already 16% ahead of last year’s record breaking pace, and several days of drafting to go, Front Row caught up with ESPN Vice President of Fantasy Games, George Leimer, as well as Sidney Wong and Keith Lipscomb from the ESPN Fantasy Sports team, to discuss ESPN Fantasy Football changes this year, and how the game and content has evolved.

Meanwhile, there has been a different kind of Fantasy Draft going on around Bristol . . .

Video produced by Josh Lander

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