Monday Lineup: Jay Harris accepts NFLPA award for Stuart Scott PLUS: 8 ESPN weekend moments

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Saturday in Washington, D.C., SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott was honored with the NFL Players Association Georgetown Lombardi Award during the 28th Annual Lombardi Gala.

ESPN's Stuart Scott
Stuart Scott
(Allen Kee/ESPN Images)

“We honor Stuart tonight, not because he has cancer, we honor Stuart tonight because of his tenacity and his fight against a disease that he was diagnosed with in 2007 and came back in 2011,” said NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith. “And we honor Stuart because he is putting up a fight because he does not want to be separated from his daughters due to something called cancer. We honor Stuart because he means so much about our fight, our dedication to rid our community of this disease.”

Accepting on Scott’s behalf was friend and fellow SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris.

“We at ESPN continue to be inspired by him, and the way he approaches his life, the way he approaches his battle, the way he approaches his work,” Harris said. “For my friend Stuart Scott, I say again, thank you very much.”

Here, Harris shares brief thoughts on the evening:

I hope this doesn’t sound cliche, but if I could have bottled up the energy and love inside the ballroom at the Washington, D.C. Hilton Saturday night, it would power the SportsCenter set for weeks. And it was all directed at one guy: Stuart Scott.

Accepting his NFLPA Georgetown Lombardi Award for him was both an honor and a privilege. Any nerves I felt were trumped by gratitude and appreciation for all Stuart has done throughout his career. It takes so much courage to be yourself, especially on television for the entire world to see.

Or as Stu likes to say, “do you.”

But as we’ve seen, Stuart is not lacking courage. And we are all the better for it.

Now, some of what you may have missed over the weekend.

1. GameDay heads to Baton Rouge this coming Saturday – and this will be a familiar sight at LSU for the visiting Ole Miss Rebels.

2.’s Chris Ramsay, son of Basketball Hall Of Famer and former NBA analyst Jack Ramsay, attended ceremonies in Portland, Ore. honoring his late father.






8. Expecting this to get some viral attention today


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