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#GolicButtPhoto: ESPN colleagues weigh in on end result of Mike & Mike bet

I love my school, but that’s not exactly my idea of the spoils of victory. Golic gives new meaning to South Bend. – Steve Weissman, SportsCenter anchor and Northwestern alum on the sight of Mike Golic’s “reveal”

In case you missed it last week, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic – hosts of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike — had a friendly wager between them on the outcome of the Northwestern-Notre Dame game, as the two are alums of the schools, respectively.

Host Notre Dame lost to Northwestern 43-40 on Saturday, which meant that Golic had to make good on his bet, as determined by Greeny – sing the Wildcats’ fight song while wearing a [current Northwestern head coach and former Wildcats star] Pat Fitzgerald jersey and pose for a recreation of the now-infamous Kim Kardashian “Paper” magazine cover.

The photo was revealed this morning on Mike & Mike, generating a furor of reaction across social media. The hashtag #GolicButtPhoto trended worldwide and in the United States on Twitter; “Mike Golic” trended on Facebook.

The reactions from some of ESPN’s Northwestern alums were mixed, with most expressing a combination of glee and horror:

ESPN bureau reporter Britt McHenry: “This was the first thing I woke up to this morning – literally, rolled over in my bed, checked email on my phone, and BAM! There’s Mike Golic. It was an interesting start to the day, to say the least. Now, I really question if I should root for my alma mater any more. Well done on the facial expression, though, Golic. Spot on!”

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell: “I’m confident, given the nature of the bet, that Golic thought there was no shot of losing this game. Having made the trek to South Bend, it will be a memory that I will never forget. Unfortunately, after seeing Golic this morning, this will also be memory I will never forget!”

SportsCenter anchor Steve Weissman: “I love my school, but that’s not exactly my idea of the spoils of victory. Golic gives new meaning to South Bend. Go Cats!” senior writer, Around The Horn panelist and ESPN NBA reporter J.A. Adande: “He needs a bigger ribbon and more Photoshop!”

ESPN commentator and NBA Tonight host Cassidy Hubbarth:

Likewise, other ESPN colleagues without Northwestern ties offered their reactions:

Dan Quinn and Kristen Hudak contributed to this post

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