SportsCenter on the road

In its quest to bring fans to sports’ biggest events, SportsCenter has hit the road frequently in recent weeks, originating from the World Series, NBA season openers and major college football and basketball games. In this slide show, Front Row captures some of the electric scenes and provides observations from the anchors who road-tripped with SportsCenter. Expect to see SportsCenter on the road again for the College Football Playoff and other major events and games in the coming months.

1. Mississippi (Oct. 4)

“I knew from the first trip (Sara Walsh and I went to separate campuses in Starkville and Oxford, Miss.) that this would be an incredible experience. Nothing substitutes coverage of major events like being there. Having the opportunity to interact with the fans gave us a new perspective on the game. There is also an energy that can’t be duplicated in studio and it can be felt during the show. My favorite moment thus far was doing a piece about the Mississippi State-Texas A&M game using the 15th annual Bulldog Bash as the backdrop (the largest outdoor concert in the state). The hospitality was amazing and the energy on campus that weekend was indescribable..
We are all looking forward to see where Sportscenter takes us next..” — Bram Weinstein, SportsCenter anchor
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