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Trick-shot artists Dude Perfect prepare for SportsCenter appearance

“Watching them plan SportsCenter was sick…surreal. Oh, and John Anderson is pretty funny.” – Dude Perfect’s Garrett Hilbert

(Rich Arden/ESPN Images)
(Rich Arden/ESPN Images)

Tonight’s 6 p.m. ET SportsCenter will feature Dude Perfect, the trick-shot quintet which has filmed basketball videos all over the world and worked with numerous Fortune 500 brands. The group has more than two million subscribers and 195 million views across its online content.

Dude Perfect’s visit to ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus Tuesday included sitting in on and disrupting a show meeting including anchors Lindsay Czarniak and John Anderson. The trick-shot artists literally bumped into anchor David Lloyd while he was getting scripts in the newsroom.

“You never know what you’re going to run into at our 6 p.m. show meeting,” Czarniak said. “The Dude Perfect guys sure made things entertaining.”

“Nothing increases the efficiency of an editorial meeting like Dude Perfect and a sleeve of ping pong balls,” Anderson said of Dude Perfect’s meeting-messing weapons. “It’s official. I’m running away from home to join the Dude Perfect circus. SportsCenter at 6 o’clock on ESPN, or Internet fame for spectacular Dude Perfect trick shots? Push.”

Scott Turken contributed to this post.

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