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New ESPN app available now for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch and Android handsets

Sports fans have a huge passion for their favorites – whether that’s a sport, team or player – and nobody understands them better than ESPN.

Beginning today, fans will have a more personalized experience than ever before with the new ESPN App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, an update from the SportsCenter App that’s available on the App Store. The ESPN App is also available on Android handsets. Senior Vice President, Digital Product Placement, Ryan Spoon shares more on today’s launch:

Why rename the app again, after recently rebranding to SportsCenter from ScoreCenter?
ESPN has the No. 1 sports website, the No. 1 sports mobile site, and the No. 1 sports application. Historically, those experiences look, feel and behave differently. And in the case of our mobile application, it is even branded differently (SportsCenter).

With today’s release, we begin the process of unifying those experiences through a single brand, a common aesthetic and consistent interface. The ESPN App has a brand new design and, for the first time, it’s optimized for the iPad, in addition to iPhone and iPod touch. As we redesign and build all of these products globally, we are excited to have ESPN be the consistent brand across a unified suite of products.

Why launch the iPad app now? Will there be an Android tablet version?
Our development approach is ongoing and iterative. In fact, we have release updates and enhancements to the app every 4-8 weeks since launch. Today’s launch is no different: The iPad release is actually an extension of the iPhone app.

It is a universal application that runs across your iOS devices. We spent a lot of time making sure that the iPad experience was a natural evolution of the iPhone app – and we put a lot of effort into making enhancement and design updates that work consistently and elegantly across all devices. I think fans will find that they have a much improved experience on their iPhone and will be surprised and delighted by the new iPad experience. And we of course have several enhancements and new features coming in the subsequent weeks, including a version for Android tablets.

How does the app tie into the upcoming redesign?
Just as we have worked to unify the brand of our site and leading application, we have worked to unify the experience, content, and aesthetic. Today’s launch is not just about the ESPN App; rather, it reflects the broader philosophy and direction of our products. As fans will see in the coming months, the app shares many aspects of the new coming in April.

The ESPN App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available on the App Store and for Android handsets on Google Play.

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