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Green Room Kate: Jerry Ferrara

Front Row recently debuted a new series as editorial assistant Kate Rosen transforms into “Green Room Kate.” While using her alter ego, Kate roams the studios, hallways, green rooms and other ESPN campus hot spots as celebrities, athletes and newsmakers visit the Bristol, Conn. campus. The series continues today as Green Room Kate spends the day with “Entourage” star Jerry Ferrara, also known as “Turtle” in the HBO series-turned-movie, during his Wednesday visit to promote the June 3 U.S. premiere of the film version.

A huge sports fan, Ferrara was ecstatic to return to the ESPN campus – this is fourth consecutive year visiting Bristol. He was often asked to name his ultimate sports entourage; Ferrara would roll with Babe Ruth (“I feel like Babe Ruth knew how to party”), Michael Jordan (“He would be our [“Entourage” character] Vince”); Kobe Bryant (“For sure”) and Michael Strahan (“Versatile, a man who wears many hats.”)

The star answered similar sports questions like his athlete crush (Steph Curry) and what sport he wishes he was great at (football: “Maybe I could be a placeholder.”)

Ferrara gave some behind-the-scenes info from the “Entourage” set, discussing how much fun Patriots tight Rob Gronkowski had making a cameo, who was supposed to shoot one day and ended up staying all week, making himself busy by finding a job in the crew and serving soup to people on set.

Follow his day in pictures:

9:03 a.m.: Jerry Ferrara arrives on ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus.

(Kate Rosen/ESPN)
(Kate Rosen/ESPN)
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