InfROWgraphic: As presidential election looms, FiveThirtyEight sees continued growth

Readers are increasingly looking to FiveThirtyEight – led by founder, award-winning author and statistician Nate Silver – for its data-centric analysis of politics, the economy, science, life and sports. Some recent highlights from the site and its contributors include:
· Presidential debate live blogs that featured real-time data analysis of the candidate statements and lively commentary by FiveThirtyEight’s politics and policy staff
· The web’s best political endorsements tracker of presidential candidates – often more predictive than polls;
· Groundbreaking investigations including urban crime data, online movie ratings and the effect of Uber on city traffic congestion;
· Powerful deep dives into unexamined issues including attempts by law enforcement to predict who is going to commit crimes and a much-cited explanation of why the current state of science is stronger than ever;
· The CARMELO rating, which identifies similar players throughout NBA history and uses them to develop a probabilistic forecast of what a current NBA player’s future might look like.

Eighteen months after its ESPN-owned debut in March 2014 – and with its most anticipated coverage to come with the 2016 U.S. presidential election – the site continues to attract a growing audience. A breakdown by the numbers (March 2014-Sept. 2015):

FiveThirtyEight - By The Numbers[1]

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