Tonight’s E:60 features the inspiring story of Travis Roy

It’s been 20 years since former Boston University hockey player Travis Roy’s life was forever changed just 11 seconds into his first shift for the Terriers. After checking a player into the boards “down in the dark hallway (corner)” as the game announcer called it, Roy went down. He would never walk again.

On tonight’s E:60 (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET), Tom Rinaldi visits with Roy and shares his inspiring story. Front Row caught up with E:60 feature producer and Boston native Max Brodsky to discuss his latest project.

What kind of impact has this story made on you personally and professionally?
When I first spoke to Travis about this project we talked about how his story has evolved. He said, and you will hear this in the feature, “First half of my life was devoted toward hockey and that passion. And the last 20 years, I have lived my life with purpose.” Most people are lucky if they get one of those, passion or purpose. . . but the very lucky ones, every once in a while get to feel both at the same time. That idea from Travis is what impacted me the most. He admitted he still has those moments where he feels both, and working with Travis I couldn’t help but feel both too.

How does this feature differ from other E:60 stories you’ve worked on?
Travis’s story has been told by ESPN a number of times in the 20 years since his injury, which is a pretty unique situation. It was important to both Travis and me that we advance his story and really let people know how he has evolved as a person since they last saw him.

Is there anything you can share about working with Travis Roy you want viewers to know (that may not come across or included in the piece)?
Spending time in Boston with Travis is a pretty neat experience. He is a household name there and people stop to talk to him about how they saw him speak or read his book all the time. I get the impression he would have a good chance to succeed should he ever choose a career in local politics.

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