‘The dab’s not all, folks’: MNF production crew shares 2015 favorite memories

As ESPN’s Monday Night Football production team readies for its final regular-season game — Cincinnati Bengals versus Denver Broncos (tonight, 8:15 ET), eight members of the crew share their favorite memories from the past 16 weeks – four months that are noteworthy for many fantastic finishes.

Aladdin Freeman
ISO Director/Replay Director

(Allison Stoneberg/ESPN)
(Allison Stoneberg/ESPN)
Aladdin Freeman (Allie Stoneberg/ESPN)
Aladdin Freeman
(Allie Stoneberg/ESPN)

Ravens-Browns: There was a punt return for a touchdown and [Ravens return specialist] Kaelin Clay did “the dab.” At the time, I didn’t understand what one of the operators said. I thought she said ‘dap.’ Next thing you know, everyone’s saying, “It’s called the ‘dab’ not the ‘dap’!” To me it was a good example of the different age groups we have in the truck. Favorite moment by far. I literally stopped during the game and was laughing. [MNF producer] Jay Rothman said, “What’s going on back there? Why are you having so much fun?” And I said, “I don’t know. We’re too busy dabbing back here!”

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