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SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn joins celebrities during event at Citi Field

Linda and Mr. Met – Linda Cohn had a reunion with mascot “Mr. Met,” with whom so appeared in a This is SportsCenter commercial in the 1990’s.

(Courtesy Linda Cohn)
(Courtesy Linda Cohn)

With the New York Mets on the road, the organization opened its home Citi Field to a special event Thursday night featuring celebrities and team sponsors playing baseball.

SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn, a native of New York and a proud Mets fan, was invited to participate and joined other luminaries including ‘American Pie’ actors Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thonas and TV/movie actor Kevin James.

In two times at the plate, Cohn struck out and grounded out, but she maintained a sense of humor about it on Twitter:

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