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Snoop Dogg’s “Fireworks” being featured with SportsCenter’s NBA Finals highlights

Snoop Dogg's new song "Fireworks" will be featured in SportsCenter's coverage of the NBA Finals.
Snoop Dogg’s new song “Fireworks” will be featured in SportsCenter’s coverage of the NBA Finals.

For an NBA Finals series (all games on ABC) expected to have its share of fireworks, it’s only fitting that ESPN’s SportsCenter is incorporating Snoop Dogg’s latest track, “Fireworks,” featuring Swizz Beatz, into its Finals’ highlights, bumps and teases treatments. Snoop performed the song on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.

“It’s dope that my new song, ‘Fireworks’, is gonna be used by SportsCenter to take us through the Finals,” Snoop told Front Row. “’Fireworks’ is a hot summer track and it will get you psyched to watch the Cavs and Warriors battle it out!!!

“Luv to my homies at ESPN for playin my new track on SportsCenter,” he said. “You better check it out.”

The track, which will appear on Snoop’s July release of “COOLAID,” serves as an apt celebration of the NBA Finals and ESPN Music Director Kevin Wilson thinks it’s a perfect complement for SportsCenter’s fantastic highlight packages.

“It describes lyrically and emotionally what a big night is all about,” Wilson said. “Whether that night is a summer party, Snoop’s 2016 ‘The High Road’ tour, a graduation or the NBA Finals, ‘Fireworks’ captures all of it and it’s perfect for SportsCenter.”

The only question remaining is whether it will be Steph Curry or LeBron James who gets to legitimately sing these lyrics from “Fireworks”:

And now the scene is set
This’ll be something that you never forget
We got it popping like champagne
Give me my damn ring
We won it all
We the Champs
Did the damn thing

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