ESPN Radio “ESPY Day” auction offers unique John Clayton concert experience

A mosh pit with John Clayton? It could happen. . .
You, in a mosh pit with John Clayton? It could happen. . .

ESPN Radio’s 12th annual ESPY Day Auction to benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research is officially underway on eBay through Wednesday. The auction features more than 100 items – tickets to prime sporting events, autographed memorabilia, unique experiences with athletes, celebrities and behind-the-scenes experiences.

Perhaps the most intriguing item is an opportunity to ‘Bang your head with John Clayton. That’s right. Fans can bid on the chance to attend a concert in Seattle with ESPN’s senior NFL writer and the company’s biggest metal head.

Clayton, who moved to the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1980s and hosts a local sports radio show on 710 ESPN Seattle, speaks with Front Row about his love of music, the Seattle scene and what the winning ESPY Day Auction bidder can expect from attending a show with him.

For this ESPN Radio auction item, what can the winning bidder expect from a night on the town with you?
Hopefully, we can sneak in backstage. I loved talking 49ers and Raiders with Slayer. Aside from the music, we can talk some football.

How did you become a fan of heavy metal and what are your favorite metal bands?
I’ve always been a fan of music in general. That was the great part of growing up in the 60s and 70s. Obviously, Slayer is No. 1. Love Megadeth.

What’s the best concert you’ve attended? And what was your first concert?
Believe it or not, I also love funk. One of my favorites was in Pittsburgh and among my first was Bootsy Collins, Parliament–Funkadelic and Commodores. I saw U2 in a Seattle concert a few years back, which was great, but I thought Lenny Kravitz stole the show.

You’ve lived in the Seattle area for many years. Talk about the music scene there and why it’s so special.
Seattle music has always gone to a different beat, but music is big in the Seattle area. I moved out here in 1986 when Grunge was getting hot. From Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana to Alice in Chains, Seattle music has never been conventional, but it’s been really good.

Which ESPN co-worker would you want to take to a metal concert?
I pick two: Jonathan Coachman and Neil Everett.

Looking ahead to the NFL season, what is your upcoming schedule like as training camps begin in the coming weeks?
Planning on getting to see six of the seven new coaches. Will try to hit the Eagles, Giants and 49ers in one swing. Niners and Raiders in another. I want to see a scrimmage between the Bucs and Jaguars. The Browns and Dolphins are also on my short list.

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