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Apple profiles inspirational Saints fan for Sunday NFL Countdown

Apple (L) poses with Jarrius Robertson, a Louisiana teen who has become a sensation among Saints fans.

(Gavin Cote/ESPN)
(Gavin Cote/ESPN)
Annie Apple’s thoughts on Jarrius Robertson:

“Jarrius Robertson is more than a Saints super fan; his strength and will to live and how he embraces life makes him a superhero, one that has captured the hearts of the Saints and anyone who’s fortunate to be around him. His faith and positivity are infectious.”

Fourteen-year-old Jarrius Robertson, a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan from LaPlace, La., has been fighting a chronic liver disease that requires a transplant.

While battling his ailment, Robertson has shown the kind of enthusiasm that has captured the affection of the Saints head coach Sean Payton, quarterback Drew Brees and other players on the team.

On Sunday NFL Countdown (Sunday, 11 a.m. ET, ESPN), special contributor Annie Apple reports Robertson has become a source of inspiration and a social media sensation through his support of the Saints. He implores opposing players, “Don’t dance in my end zone.”

“He’s happy, and he is joyful,” Saints running back Mark Ingram said of Robertson. “There are so many things that like, you know, we get stressed out about, or that we get annoyed with, or that we’re frustrated or upset [by] when in the grand scheme of things you look at his situation and he’s battling a liver disease and he needs a new liver. And regardless of that, he’s still happy.”

Gavin Cote contributed to this post.

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