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Welcome wagon: ESPN commentators hail new analyst Ross

David Ross brings championship pedigree to his new gig as an ESPN MLB analyst. (Joe Faraoni  /ESPN Images)
David Ross brings championship pedigree to his new gig as an ESPN MLB analyst.
(Joe Faraoni/ESPN Images)

On Monday, ESPN announced it had reached a multi-year agreement with two-time World Series Champion David Ross.

Ross, a catcher for both the 2016 Chicago Cubs and 2013 Boston Red Sox championship teams, earned a reputation as a “go-to guy” for media.

As a player, Ross’ name would routinely come up during conversations about which players would make successful media personalities.

“He is the whole package,” said Fernando Lopez, ESPN MLB coordinating producer. “He has immense knowledge of the game from his perspective as a catcher, plus he talks about baseball in a very natural way which our audience easily understands, and it makes them more knowledgeable about the game.”

Ross is also no stranger to ESPN. The 15-year veteran was on the cover of December’s “Anything’s Possible” issue of ESPN The Magazine, and he provided guest analysis for ESPN during the 2014 and 2015 MLB postseasons.

“He made such an impact on our coverage that we made sure he came back the year after [2015],” said Lopez. “We knew that if he had an interest in working in the media upon his retirement, we were going to ask him to join our staff as a baseball analyst.”

Front Row caught up with a few more of Ross’ new colleagues to discuss what made him a dream to cover, and why he’ll succeed as an ESPN MLB analyst.

Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider:

David Ross has always been the best possible professional during his career, in the way he treats teammates, players, fans and media members, and I’m just glad we get to borrow him for a while before somebody grabs him to manage their team.

Jayson Stark, ESPN MLB Insider:

I never walked into the clubhouse of one of David’s teams without making sure to stop at his locker. It wasn’t just that he was so naturally friendly and articulate. It was that he seemed to genuinely enjoy the chance to give those of us on the outside a window into what life on a baseball team was like on the inside.

Tim Kurkjian, ESPN MLB Insider:

David Ross is one of my favorite guys that I’ve ever covered. He is smart, honest, insightful and, most important, funny. Give me funny any time.

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