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Intern Chronicles: Meet two women in ESPN Technology

Lindsey Thompson and Sybille Legitime are two of ESPN’s technology interns this summer in Bristol, Conn.

Each provides a unique perspective on the work she is doing, as Legitime is an international student from Haiti and Thompson is an intern who was recruited from Grace Hopper, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists.

Legitime, a senior at Saint Anselm College, said interning at ESPN is special to her, as she grew up excited about the company’s programming, particularly ESPN Caribbean.

“I love how ESPN is the number one sports media network in the U.S., but it reaches far beyond that,” she said. “I know that in working here, when I work on a website, it doesn’t just benefit sports fans in one country, but it goes across borders and serves other people.”

Thompson, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, said being a female working in technology, a male-dominated field, allows her to provide a new perspective.

“It’s interesting, and it’s different,” she said. “My accomplishments aren’t just my own, but I feel like anything I do accomplish is something that could potentially inspire a younger woman interested in technology.”

Both are not only passionate about their work here at ESPN, but they also are dedicated to bringing more women into their field of work.

Nicole Caporaso produced the video above.

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