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Summer Reading Series: SportsCenter’s Phil Murphy

Earlier this year, Phil Murphy @Phil_Sports joined SportsCenter (sub-Saharan Africa) as host from the set of Studio B in ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters.

When Murphy isn’t in the gym, trying out a new exercise routine, you can find him preparing for his book club.

What book are you currently reading?
“Don’t Waste Your Life,” by John Piper. I have a bookshelf I decorated far more for décor but represents an ever present guilt. The church I go to has a book and Bible study program. I was recently asked to lead one of those groups. The book is focused on those exact same things I’m passionate about. Wherever you are or wherever you’re placed, how do you make positive impacts on those immediately around you and in so doing you have a positive impact on yourself? I have one chapter left to read.

Where is your favorite place to read?
Airplanes, that’s how I pass the time on planes is usually reading. If I’m ever flying somewhere, especially if it’s a long flight, that is my go to item.

How do you fit reading into such a busy schedule?
The accountability of leading the Bible study, which is essentially a book club, helps. If I need to read 20 pages by Thursday, then I look at my schedule and figure out the best opportunity. It isn’t any different from fitting in a workout regimen because I have an amount of time allocated for that. Actions reflect priorities . . . if it’s something I want to prioritize, then I’m going to.

Do you like e-books or an actual book?
If you asked me that six months ago, I would have said an actual book but I’ve learned how convenient an e-book is now. My phone is always with me, but I could forget to bring my book.

What is the most influential book in your life?
“The Explicit Gospel,” by Matt Chandler is a book I’ve read more than once. But my favorite book is Philippians [in the Bible], it is the most influential book in my life. The truths I’ve seen in that book have inspired and helped me through heavy times and kept me grounded in high times.

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