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ATH Halloween king Gutierrez preps for today’s parody

(L-R, clockwise): Izzy Gutierrez as Conor McGregor; Tony Reali; Justin Bieber; Drake.
(Photo illustration by Bill Hofheimer)

ESPN personalities are wearing Halloween costumes on-air all day today, including on Around the Horn (5 p.m. ET).

Gutierrez on working with Marcy Miller (R): “I would have no clue how to do any of this if it wasn’t for her.”
(Photo courtesy of Israel Gutierrez/ESPN)

It’s one of the most anticipated days of the year and Israel Gutierrez has become a regular ATH Halloween panelist, displaying Daniel Day-Lewis-like range with his costumes. He has appeared as Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Drake, ESPN’s Tony Reali and Conor McGregor, making him the five-time defending Halloween episode champion.

Gutierrez credits good friend Marcy Miller for helping him: “She’s just a very talented artist who’s been nice enough to do much of my makeup, some of my hair and all of my tattoos.”

The ESPN/ABC NBA reporter and commentator wouldn’t divulge his plans for this year, but did indicate one idea he considered: “I was gonna do Pitbull from the [MLB] All-Star Game, with his ladies jersey and white pants, but I was afraid the bit would go dry pretty quickly. So I went with someone who has a lot more variety to his (or her?) resume.”

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