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The Undefeated, earn EPPY Awards

(Rich Arden/ESPN)

In the recently announced 2017 Editor & Publisher EPPY Awards, ESPN’s The Undefeated was named the “Best Sports Website” and shared first-place honors for “Best Photo Journalism of a Website.”

“We are honored to be recognized by our peers, and motivated to continue experimenting bravely and to keep getting better,” said Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, The Undefeated, Kevin Merida.

“ESPN’s Digital and Print Photo Department’s mission has always been to tell great stories and bring our fans where they can’t always go. These four photo stories – “Greatest Night in Chicago“; “No Cinderella Story“; “Lindsay Hilton“; “Wrestlemaniacs” – share the joy of fandom, the courage to try something new and the universal experience of how sport moves us,” said Senior Deputy Editor, ESPN Digital & Print Media, Mary Byrne.

Mac Nwulu, Rich Arden and Kevin Ota contributed to this post.

(Rich Arden/ESPN)
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