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Preview ESPN’s new graphics illustrating passion for college basketball

ESPN’s industry-leading college basketball coverage will have not only the best teams, matchups and experienced commentators this season, but a whole new look. The 2017 Armed Forces Classic on Friday, Nov. 10 (6 p.m., ESPN) will mark the unveiling of a brand new graphics package.

“We took a hard look at what college basketball is,” said Dale Harney, ESPN senior designer in Motion Graphics. “The fans, the mascots, tribalism, the frenzy, handcrafted signs and face paint – we wanted to mirror all of that in an authentic way and embody everything about the sport. It allowed the entire team creative freedom to enter a space that isn’t often explored in sports broadcasting.”

Linda Schulz, ESPN coordinating producer for college basketball, also played an integral part in the planning and execution of this project, leading to a new and innovative way for fans to watch their favorite teams and games.

“The innovations aren’t seen just within on-screen look,” she said. “It goes beyond that, by finding new ways to story tell during a game.”

ESPN Creative Services produced the video.

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