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“I think I was afraid that I would look back and be completely ashamed”

30 for 30 Podcasts producer explains her mixed feelings documenting the controversy behind Bikram yoga

ESPN’s 30 for 30 Podcasts’ third season is reported and narrated by producer Julia Lowrie Henderson and delves deep into the complicated world of Bikram yoga.

It was of the most popular forms of yoga in America and a fitness craze that at one point had hundreds of thousands of devotees — Henderson among them. Today, however, the community finds itself grappling with its own identity and survival in the wake of sexual assault allegations and lawsuits against its charismatic guru and founder Bikram Choudhury.

Henderson, having practiced and worked in the Bikram Yoga community for years, uses her experience to peel back the layers on this complex story over five episodes. But her reporting also took her on a personal journey. In this exclusive Front Row video, she reflects on her feelings after wrapping up the almost two-year reporting process.

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Jennifer Cingari Christie produced the video.

Journalism On Display

ESPN received four New York Press Club Awards for its journalism in 2018 including best documentary for “The Dictator’s Team,” feature reporting for “The Greatest at Rest,” food writing for “The NBA’s Secret Addiction,” and special event reporting for “Beisbol Experience.”

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