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Enjoy a bird’s-eye tour of ESPN’s Bristol campus

Learn how a drone was used to capture those scenic "bumps" as seen on SportsCenter and other Conn.-based shows

Many of SportsCenter’s bumps – the segments between the show and commercial spots – feature scenic, overhead views of ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus provided by a camera attached to a drone.

Coordinating media operator Ryan Humble shot the video and assembled the footage seen in the video above. How’d he do that?

“I spent half a day flying a drone around various locations on ESPN’s main campus. I then worked with Studio Directing to edit the footage and publish a variety of shots for use across all Bristol-based shows, including SportsCenter,” said Humble, a New Mexico State graduate who has worked at ESPN for nearly seven years.

“The campus drone shots began airing one week after the shoot and are used daily on-air for billboards and bumps. The plan is to update these shots as the seasons change with additional drone shoots.”

Ryan Humble produced the video above.

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