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Multicultural Women’s Network: Danielle Lee

Over the next few weeks, Front Row will spotlight female employee voices from throughout ESPN. These voices all come from ESPN’s new employee-led group, The Multicultural Women’s Network. This group was built specifically to focus on connecting, developing and elevating women of color. These women along with many allies at the helm aims to celebrate and empower the intersection and layered complexity of race, gender, and culture that makes up the core of who we are.

Photos: Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images


“People of color - especially women - don't have the avenues
 to share our stories.”

Danielle Lee

There’s no surprise that Danielle Lee landed at ESPN – sports 
have always been a huge part of her life. 

She grew up watching the Lions, Bears, Packers, and Vikings; her dad Larry Lee played 10 seasons in the NFL and then became 
an executive for the Detroit Lions; and Danielle herself went 
to work at the NFL league office after getting her degree 
in Sport Management from UMass. 

She joined the ESPN family in 2015, 
and works as Crewing Coordinator.

What are you most looking forward to about
 being part of the MWN?

Lee: “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share our stories 
in the way we want to share them. 
At times, people of color – especially women – don’t 
have the avenues to share our stories and have our voices

I can’t wait for you all to see our initiatives this coming 
year. And I’m excited for the growth potential this group 
has. There are so many amazing women within ESPN 
and The Walt Disney Company as a whole, and it’s a blessing 
to have this platform to not only work with some of the 
women I’ve admired from a far, but to meet even more 
remarkable women within this company to collaborate with.”

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