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Sneak Peek at ESPN’s Enhanced Basketball Power Index (BPI) Stats You’ll See During Saturday Primetime on ABC

ESPN’s elite team of data scientists who make up the network’s Stats and Information Group (SIG) recently launched an enhanced version of the Basketball Power Index – taking it to the next level.  
“Our Analytics Team took what was already a successful suite of metrics and rebuilt it on a foundation based on individual players,” said Allison Loucks, Director, SIG. “The ability to generate projections after moving players in and out of the lineup or to another roster not only makes our projections more accurate, but opens up a wealth of storytelling possibilities. 
“The NBA, more than any other league, is player driven and when someone like James Harden gets traded, we’re now able, with the new BPI, to quantify the impact of that trade to the [Brooklyn] Nets’ chances to win the title,” she said. “We can do some fun things with hypothetical trades and player movement as well, which should lend itself nicely to the upcoming trade deadline. Also, we’ve incorporated odds to allow for storytelling in the betting space – chance-to-cover and go-over/under-the-total is now part of BPI for each game too.” 

Plotting The Playoffs

SIG Fast Fact:
Both teams project to be among the outside looking in for a top-4 seed, adding more urgency to Saturday’s matchup. The 4-11 seeds are separated by only 2.5 games.  

SIG Fast Fact: 

Chance to go over 45 wins:
Warriors 1.4% | Mavericks 0.6% 

Chance to go over 40 wins:
Warriors 22.5% | Mavericks 15.8%

Chance to go over 35 wins:
Warriors: 74.9% | Mavericks 67.9% 

What's Ahead

SIG Fast Fact:
Kevin Durant’s return to Golden State on Feb. 13 will be his first as an opponent since May 30, 2016, his final game with the Thunder (8:30 p.m., ABC) 

Curry Revving on All Cylinders

SIG Fast Fact:
In year two without Klay Thompson on the court and no Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry has continued to put up prolific offensive numbers. His Offensive Real Plus-Minus (RPM) currently ranks first overall in the league (8.0) and he has posted the best offensive RPM in 6 of the past 7 seasons. 

(All data as of Thursday, Feb. 4)

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