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The ESPN “PRod Pod”: Episode 5, Michael Eaves signs extension during PGA Championship assignment

Welcome to Episode 5 of the ESPN PRod Pod, the official podcast of the ESPN Communications Department. The PRod Pod takes you behind ESPN’s unmatched storytelling by introducing the people behind the content – who they are, where they’re from and how they create the magic.

With today’s news of Michael Eaves’s multi-year contract extension, Communications Associate Producer Jon McLeod welcomes Eaves for a wide-ranging conversation about the new deal, his dad’s influence on a devotion to golf and the night he came to work and delivered this powerful message, in the early days after George Floyd was murdered almost one year ago (at 9:02 of podcast).

“The only reason I came to work that day because I wanted young black and brown kids across the country wanted – to A, see someone that looked like them in that position,” Eaves says. “But also to remind them. . . they are valued – people do love them and they do have a future in this country. . . it was just a responsibility I felt that day.”

Topics also include Black mental health, his own athletic path and the requisite “Fab Five” with ESPN Fan Relations Senior Coordinator Kiana Lowe and not only does a Marvel discussion ensue, but a pizza topping tussle for the ages is waged over – yep , of course – pineapple.

Michael Eaves (Allen Kee / ESPN Images)

Jon McLeod, Kiana Lowe and Rich Arden produced the podcast. 

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