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When Worlds Collide: New ESPN+ MMA Show Features UFC+NFL Analysts Pairing

Sample DC & RC's chemistry as UFC legend Cormier and Super Bowl champion Clark talk shop before UFC 264: McGregor vs. Poirier 3

In the build-up to tomorrow’s much-anticipated UFC 264: McGregor vs. Poirier 3 mega-event on ESPN+, ESPN debuted two new MMA programs on ESPN+ this week.

The Chael Sonnen Show w/Jorge Sedano was posted Monday and is available on demand. Thursday marked the launch of DC & RC (see ESPN YouTube link below).

Who are the men behind those initials?

“DC” is retired MMA legend Daniel Cormier, who has been on an ESPN show for some time. “RC” is ESPN NFL analyst and Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark, an MMA fanatic. Both are originally from Louisiana, which must be part of the secret to their instant chemistry.

We got the two together this week in Las Vegas, the site of UFC 264, to hear how their backgrounds in different sports contribute to their mutual respect.

Ryan, what do you think Daniel should know about your UFC knowledge?
RC: He already knows I don’t have his vast knowledge. But I think the thing I would want him to know is that I actually truly love it. I’ve always been fascinated by things I can’t do. To enter the Octagon and stand in front of another man and let him punch me in my nose – no, thank you. So the admiration I have for MMA fighters is what made me a fan.

Daniel, what do you think Ryan should know about your NFL knowledge?
Down in the south, it’s family and football, and everything else comes second or third or fourth or fifth. I grew up playing sports, and eventually, I decided to wrestle. But I coach my kid in football, I watch it, and I watch for detail. I’m a fan of the sport, first and foremost, and I’m very open to accepting that I don’t know what Ryan knows. So I will pick his brain, I will learn from him, and I will continue to get more of a love for the sport that I truly, truly like. Who better to learn from than the guy that’s been at the top of the mountain?

Ryan, how would you do in the Octagon, and how would Daniel do in the NFL?
RC: I’ll say this. First of all, if I were in the Octagon, I would be prepared to move. I would also cut enough weight, so I didn’t have to fight light heavyweight. And if DC played ball, he’d be excellent because of the nature of his actual discipline right, wrestling. That’s what we do, right? We understand how to get in close quarters and get people to the ground, right? You understand how to look people right in the eye face to face and say, like let’s go get it.

DC: Can I say something? When I was in high school, they tried to make me play strong safety. But I was slow, and I knew it. How was I expected to chase these dudes down the field? But I do know how to pin somebody. Yeah, so I chose to wrestle because you have to understand your limitations. I’m just excited that we get to work for the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” and we have a platform.

Ardi Dwornik contributed to this post. Cormier and Clark discuss the new show in detail.

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